All LeMond products come with a 14 day return policy. For bikes and accessories that are returned with signs of significant wear without original or sufficient packaging we may charge a restocking fee.



We have built our bikes to last a lifetime and expect them to be among the most reliable items you own for years to come. We are therefore proud to offer a limited lifetime warranty against structural defects in materials and workmanship.


Our online sizing guide will show you how to choose the correct size LeMond Bicycle. If you are in any doubt, our knowledgeable customer service staff at will be able to assist you 

Prolog Geometry

Dutch Geometry

The Prolog has bottle mounting points on the seat tube and the down tube, see the image below. 

Our mechanics recommend that the tire pressure for our ebikes is set at 40-50psi. 

Our bikes come standard with 700x38 tires and can go up to 700x43 without having to remove the fenders. We have had some customers use larger tires, but that is up to the discretion of the user. 

Front Thru-Axle


Torque Limit: 12Nm

Torque Wrench Size: 6mm


Rear Solid Axle

Dimensions: 12x175-M12x1.25

Torque Limit: 20Nm

Torque Wrench Size: 8mm

Fully built, including tires/tubes/rotors/cassette. 


Front - 1.44 Kg
Rear - 3.91 Kg

Front - 1.33Kg
Rear - 3.84Kg

The tires that we provide are tubeless-ready, meaning they can be used both with and without an inner tube.

You're probably wondering how to securely attach the range extender and extension cable without excess wire catching you while you're pedaling. 


1. Attach the custom water bottle cage to the lowest mounting point on your Dutch. 

2. Connect the extension cable to the battery and follow the wire to either side.

3. Slide wire behind the seat tube in between the fender.

4. Thread wires back through, in between the seat tube and downtube.

5. Finally, insert the cable into the charging port of the bike. 

Burley trailers can work with our bikes, there is a hitch you can buy that works as an adaptor that makes it possible. Please see below:


Quick-release seat post clamps that have a diameter of 34.9mm will work with our e-bike selection.

Alternatively, you can purchase our seat post clamps here. 

The Prolog and Dutch model handlebars have a diameter of 22.4mm. 


  1. Purchase a K-EDGE Garmin Stem Mount from us at LeMond - We will include a lengthened stem bolt for use. 

  2. Purchase a Garmin edition phone adaptor.
    Something like this works - 
  3. Connect it all together and you will end up with something like the images below. 

The fenders weigh approximately 500 grams.

The diameter of our seat post is 30.9mm.

We've found that standard matte cleaners are best suited to our bicycles. 

The Chemical Guys have a great cleaner - CLICK HERE

The Dutch has a step-through height of 17 inches.

From the saddle to the ground, the lowest the saddle can go on a small Dutch is 33".

From the end of the grips, the width of the Dutch handlebars is 580mm. 

Tune hubs utilize shims to adjust preload and take up any free play in the hub. They come pre-adjusted from the factory when new with a few shims installed to account for differences in manufacturing tolerances. Some adjustments may be needed over time as the bearings wear with normal use and the bearing clearance increases.


This page on the Tune website shows the adjustment process for the front hubs: Assembly- & disassembly hubs - tune Helpdesk - Manuals, warranty information, and more. It’s a really easy process to remove the end cap to add/remove shims.


Tune offers a shim set comprised of 17mm ID x 24mm OD shims of 0.1, 0.15, and 0.2mm thickness. Unfortunately, this is not something that you can purchase directly from Tune as a consumer, and we do not carry this part on hand. Fairwheel Bikes is a US importer/distributor of Tune products and may carry, or be able to order, the shim sets. 

Depending on the rider, terrain, and power setting the battery, on average is set to last around 45 miles or 75km

The main battery can be removed via the bottom bracket, but it’s a job that is best undertaken by a qualified mechanic. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with the battery, please contact our customer service team at and we will be happy to help.

We believe the MAHLE X35 ebikemotion system is the best in class, treading a great line between performance, reliability, and weight. While we understand there's a natural interest among some customers to 'unlock' extra power, we can't endorse any kind of aftermarket modification due to the constraints around legal classification and warranty.
iPhone App Download (Click Here)
Android App Download (Click Here)


1. Download and open the MySmartBike app
2. Turn the bike on
4. Select your iWoc powered bike.
5. You are now connected.

When there is a solid light showing (not flashing), this indicates the battery level, battery levels are as follows:

White light = 75%+ charge
Green light = 50%-75% charge
Orange light = 25%-50% charge
Red light = 10%-25% charge
Red light (flashing) = 10%>
Navigating the assist levels:

With the bike on, wait for the bike to settle and display the battery level (solid light).
*The color of the light may vary depending on the battery status of the bike.
Click the power button (the button will begin to flash). While flashing, click the power button again, a different colored light will now be flashing.
Keep clicking the power button until the desired assist level/color is flashing.
To select the assist level, stop clicking the power button until the battery level begins to show (solid light).
* It's not possible to move down in assist levels, the user will need to cycle through the cycles until the desired assist level is reached.

Understanding the assist levels:

White = 0% assistance
Green = 25% assistance
Orange = 50% assistance
Red = 75% assistance
Turning the lights on/off:

With the bike on, wait for the bike to settle and display the battery level (solid light).
*The color of the light may vary depending on the battery status of the bike.
Click the power button (the button will begin to flash). While flashing, hold the power button down until a yellow light appears. When the yellow light is visible, release the power button. This will turn the lights on/off.
*If you hold the power button for too long, the bike will turn off.
Repeat these steps for the desired light setting.
If you contact us at and provide us with the model/size/color of your preferred bike(s), we'd be more than happy to give you an estimated shipping timeline.

L: 69 x W:12 x H:45
Weight: 55lbs

L:70 x W:11 x H:31
Weight: 50lbs

Accessories Box
L:13 W:10 H:4
Weight: 5lbs

*Lengths are in inches

We will charge your credit card when you make your order. This will ensure that you secure a place in our queue for the earliest possible delivery of our brand new LeMond Bicycles. In the unlikely event that you change your mind after you ordered and want to cancel that’s no problem. All we ask is that you contact us atinfo@lemond.comwith your contact details. We might ask you to confirm the cancellation, just so we know it’s really you, but once that’s done you should receive your refund within 14 days. 

We manufacture and sell our bicycles direct to our customers. With having no middlemen, we always offer the very best value possible to all our customers. We aren't able to offer any discounts from the prices listed on our website. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

While we do not have a list of authorized workshops, our bicycles are assembled with best-in-class components which will be familiar to any competent local mechanic. 

Please contact our knowledgeable customer service team at and they will be happy to help. 

Yes, absolutely, contact us at with your original shipping address and your new address. We’ll be in touch to confirm the change, or to ask for further information, within 24hrs.

We can make changes to your order up to 48hrs before dispatch. Please contact us at with your order number and details of the changes you would like to make and we will confirm within 24hrs.

In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your new LeMond Bicycle when it arrives then please contact us atinfo@lemond.comto arrange a refund or exchange. All we ask is that the bike has been ridden only on a clean, dry surface and that it's in the same condition it was upon delivery. We are happy to collect the bike from you, at our expense, and offer you an exchange, or a full refund anytime in the first 14 days after delivery.

Our customer service team is available from 10am until 3pm, Monday to Friday. If you are unable to reach us by phone then please contact us at with your question and we will reply within 24hrs, or the next working day.

Your LeMond Bicycle box has been specifically designed for protecting your bike during transport. We encourage all customers to keep their box to use in the unlikely event that the bike needs to be returned.

Our knowledgeable customer service team at will be able to help, the best way to reach them is by email. Please include your details with a short description of the problem when you email us. Someone will be in touch with you within 24hrs.

Customer information from Mahle, inform end-users to not store the system in temperatures greater than 38C or 100.4F when installed in a bike. For storing in winter, it is best practice to keep your lithium batteries in a place that does not get colder than 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

The standard saddle rail width is 44mm and the rails are 7x7mm. Our saddle rail clamp is not compatible with oversized or oval rails. Ritchie makes different kinds of size rail clamps for our binder. 7x9 is for oval rails which are mostly found on carbon rails and 7x10 is for oversized rails which are not very common. 

We have begun rolling out our products to bike shops, please check the location from the list below. 





We offer a Mahle X35+ range extender battery for $700, increasing your range by up to 70%.

How it Works

The range extender works like a secondary battery for the main battery installed on your ebike. On our ebikes, only the main battery provides power to the motor, while the range extender charges the main battery. The battery is charged regardless of whether the motor is demanding power (speed greater than 20 mph, bicycle stationery, or no pedaling). So, the range extender may not provide power to the motor independently without passing through the main battery. It is recommended to always connect the range extender to the main battery to ensure that the main battery stays charged.

In cases of intensive use of the bike in maximum assistance, and for long periods of time, the main battery may drain quicker than the range extender can charge. In this instance, wait for the range extender to charge the main battery to a sufficient level before riding again.



Turning on:

Once connected to the charging point (Prolog & Dutch), click the IWOC button on top of the range extender. The iWOC button on the bicycle’s top tube will start to flash with the color indicating the bike's charge level, just like it does when the battery is being charged with the standard charger. The bicycle operates normally and assistance levels can be changed as if the range extender were not connected. 

Turning off:

Press and hold the button on top of the device for 3 seconds.



The Range Extender can be charged independently or collectively with your ebike. To charge it independently, simply connect the X35 charger to the charging port on the top of the device.

To charge both the main battery and range extender, connect the range extender to the bike through the charging point and then connect the charger to the range extender at its charging point. The charging level is displayed by the iWOC color on the top of the battery. 



Capacity: 208.8 Wh
Voltage: 36 V
Discharge rate: 1.9 A
Weight: 1,645 g (including battery holder)
Colour: anodized black

We don't officially have a business relationship with any company regarding phone mounting options. However, Quad Lock is a very well-reviewed company, you can view their products at

Di2 shifting is fully electronic. The electronic aspect of shifting allows for an easier, more seamless shifting transaction. In addition, Di2 shifting requires less maintenance than its manual counterpart, this is because the wires on the manual shifters over time have to be trimmed as they can stretch.

Per charge, you will get between 2,000km - 5,000km worth of range before the battery dies.


For more info on Di2 shifting, visit this link.

For troubleshooting Di2, visit this link.