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A guide to the best 10 e-bikes you can buy right now

A guide to the best 10 e-bikes you can buy right now

A guide to the best 10 e-bikes you can buy right now

Looking to join the electric revolution and explore the world of e-bikes? Look no further. Here, we have curated a list of the best e-bikes to buy right now, offering you a comprehensive guide to some of the best models on the market. Whether you’re a commuter looking for a reliable urban companion, an adventure […]

Looking to join the electric revolution and explore the world of e-bikes? Look no further. Here, we have curated a list of the best e-bikes to buy right now, offering you a comprehensive guide to some of the best models on the market. Whether you’re a commuter looking for a reliable urban companion, an adventure seeker craving off-road thrills, or simply someone who wants to enhance their cycling experience, we’ve got you covered. From powerful motors and long-range batteries to sleek designs and advanced features, these e-bikes have it all. Join us as we delve into the world of e-bikes and help you find the perfect ride that suits your needs and preferences. Get ready to discover the freedom, convenience, and exhilaration that e-bikes have to offer. It’s time to embrace a new era of cycling and find your perfect electric companion.

DAHON Unio e-20: Best versatile folding e-bike


Introducing the Unio E20, the latest addition to the renowned folding bike brand, DAHON. This electric folding bike offers a balance of durability and lightweight construction, all at an attractive price point.

Equipped with nine gears and DAHON custom trigger shifters, the Unio E20 provides excellent performance and versatility for various riding situations. Whether you’re navigating hills or riding without assistance, the bike’s 52-tooth front chainring and SRAM X5 9-speed rear cassette ensure a smooth experience.

The handlebar-mounted display conveniently shows the mode, battery level, speed, distance traveled, and assistance level from one to five.

One of the notable features of this mid-motor folding bike is its hidden battery, cleverly integrated into the seat post. This design not only enhances the bike’s aesthetics but also eliminates the need for an external battery that could disrupt the handlebars or risk disconnection.

The Unio E20’s motor operates at 36V/200W, paired with a 36V/8.7AH battery, delivering ample power for navigating urban terrains. With a top speed of 20 mph, this bike offers a comfortable and efficient ride.


True to DAHON’s legacy, the Unio E20 retains its folding capability, making it easy to transport and store. Whether it’s under a desk at work or in a trunk, the bike folds into a compact package, accommodating various situations.

The lightweight nature of the Unio E20 is attributed, in part, to DAHON’s innovative frame and fork material called Dalloy, which is a double-butted aluminum.

In summary, the DAHON Unio E20 presents itself as a reliable commuter bike for those last miles between transit stations and destinations. Its electric pedal-assist motor provides a pleasant riding experience, making the Unio E20 a practical and enjoyable option for riders.

The Unio E20 folding bike will be available in North America and riders can locate their local DAHON dealerto inquire about purchasing or keep an eye on DAHON’s bike page for models available to buy online. Customers outside of this region can check availability by getting in touch with their nearest DAHON dealer/distributor.


IGO Cabot RS: Best for touring


The iGO Outland Cabot RS is an exceptional eBike designed to elevate your urban lifestyle and take you on outdoor journeys. This e-bike is crafted with a Canadian-designed frame and top-notch components, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable riding experience.

Equipped with a powerful 48V 500W mid-drive motor, the Outland Cabot RS offers impressive performance both on and off-road. With up to 130Nm torque, it delivers a natural ride feel and puts you in complete control. The bike’s robust 720Wh Samsung cell battery provides a long-lasting range of up to 95km on a single charge, allowing you to explore without limitations.

One of the standout features of the Cabot RS is its versatility. With the ability to switch between Class 1, 2, or 3 regulations through the iGO Ride app, you can adapt to your preferred riding style or comply with local restrictions, ensuring maximum satisfaction wherever you go.

The pedal assist segments provide tailored assistance for various situations, allowing you to effortlessly conquer different terrains. Additionally, the thumb throttle feature offers quick bursts of power, perfect for overcoming obstacles or cruising along with ease.


Designed with your convenience in mind, the Cabot RS features a user-friendly interface. With a quick control panel on the handlebar, you can easily access performance information, view riding statistics, and analyze power usage. The integrated front light and rear braking light add an extra layer of safety during your rides.

Unleash your inner explorer with the iGO Outland Cabot RS, a reliable and versatile eBike that brings joy to both urban and off-road adventures.


Devinci E-Milano: Best for style and casual excursions


Introducing the Devinci E-Milano, the perfect fusion of style, comfort, and city riding. Designed to transform your everyday outings into exciting adventures, this electric bike offers the freedom of clean, pedal-powered transportation. Powered by the reliable Shimano E5000 motor and a 418Wh battery, the E-Milano brings reliability and confidence to every ride, whether it’s a casual countryside excursion or a bustling city commute.

With rear rack, fender, and kickstand compatibility, the E-Milano is versatile and ready for any urban setting. Its sleek and stylish design, highlighted by clean, internal cable routing and a premium finish, makes a statement wherever you go.

The E-Milano is packed with features to enhance your riding experience. The fast-charging, high-capacity Li-Ion battery ensures you can travel up to 150 km on a single charge, while the Shimano motor delivers powerful performance with a lightweight design. The customizable switch unit allows you to tailor your ride and view essential data at a glance.


Comfort and control are prioritized with the inclusion of a suspension fork for smooth rides on varied surfaces, and hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power in all weather conditions. The E-Milano is also accessory-friendly, easily accommodating racks, fenders, water bottles, baskets, and a kickstand for added convenience.

With internal cable routing for a clean and durable setup, the E-Milano ensures a longer-lasting, smooth-shifting experience. This high-quality hybrid electric bike is perfect for neighborhood and city riding, with its efficient wheels and medium-volume tires providing stability and comfort.

Please note that the E-Milano is available across North America, offering an exceptional riding experience tailored to urban environments. Embrace the future of city riding with the Devinci E-Milano.


Pedego Avenue: Best for a mix of community and cruising

Minimalist Design – Maximum Utility!

Built for the pavement, built for fun – the Pedego Avenue is the ultimate commuter bike. Whether you’re navigating city streets, climbing residential roads, or cruising on the weekends, the Avenue is smooth, steady, and striking.

The Avenue, new in 2022, has such a sleek design you can barely tell it’s an e-bike – yet this versatile commuter comes with all the e-bike essentials. A removable battery is integrated into the frame for light, sporty handling.

The 28” wheels and slightly wider tires allow you to glide along with a reassuring grip on the road. You can get it in step-thru or classic frame. Coming in 2023 are Avenue bikes with 26” wheels and more with our coveted mag wheel upgrades. It comes in six colors.

Get the power and efficiency of a 500W rear-hub motor and 48V battery for smooth, real-world performance and a fun riding experience. It has mechanical disc brakes and seven gears. The Avenue also has a twist-and-go throttle along with five levels of pedal assist – PedalSense is Pedego’s trademark pedal-assist technology.


Pedego also has some great accessories to deck out the Avenue e-bike for commuting including front and rear racks, a variety of pannier bags, and lights for safety.

The Avenue is backed by a 5-year industry-leading warranty. Pedego batteries are made with premium LG, Panasonic, or Samsung lithium-ion cells.

Starting at $2,695CAD.

Tern Quick Haul: Best for an affordable cargo bike


Tern, known for their legendary GSD cargo bike, has launched the Quick Haul, a compact and affordable cargo bike designed for urban mobility. It offers the convenience of carrying passengers and cargo in a smaller package, opening up the Tern brand to a new audience. With a low step-through frame, the Quick Haul is designed for city life, allowing easy access and providing ample space for belongings or an extra passenger. It boasts high-quality components, including a Bosch Active Line Plus or Performance Line Sport motor.

The Quick Haul comes in two models: the D8, a Class 1 e-bike priced at $2,999, and the P9 Sport, a Class 3 e-bike priced at $3,299. Both models deliver exceptional performance but cater to different speed preferences. Despite its compact size, the Quick Haul is modular, customizable, and compatible with Tern’s extensive line of accessories.

The bike’s vertical parking feature enables effortless storage in small apartments, it can even be rolled into elevators and positioned upright. With a maximum gross vehicle weight of 330 pounds, the Quick Haul can carry a child or substantial cargo. The adjustable seat and stem accommodate riders ranging from approximately 4’11” to 6’5″ in height.


The Quick Haul’s compatibility with Tern accessories, such as Doghouse Mini, Dry Goods Bags, and the Storm Shield Mini, enhances its versatility. It becomes an ideal alternative to a second car for urban families. Tern’s reputation for delivering high-quality electric cargo bikes continues with the Quick Haul, providing a more compact and affordable option for urban commuters.

This innovative model is not only suited for personal use but also marketed as a perfect choice for delivery businesses. Tern aims to combine practicality, affordability, and reliability in the Quick Haul, making it an attractive solution for urban transportation needs.


Pedego Element: Best for one bike that does it all


Absolute fun for ultimate value.

The Pedego Element is a sporty electric bike at an affordable price. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of e-bikes fitting a wide variety of people and riding styles.

It’s a versatile bike that’s popular among young and young-at-heart riders because of its fun style. It’s got 20” fat tires for a smooth stable ride. Ride this bike all winter long and then throw it in the back of your truck to take to the cabin for some summer exploring. It’s as easy to ride on and off-road!

The Element is maneuverable with its short wheelbase and easily upgradable to include a suspension seat post for an even smoother ride.

The Element has disc brakes, seven gears, and comes in six great colors. Overcome hills and headwinds easily with its 500W rear-hub motor. Your top speed will be 32 kilometers per hour. Go further with a 48V battery – available in 10AH or upgrade to the longer range 14AH where you can go up to an estimated 90 km on a single charge.


Another Pedego bike with the battery in the downtube, the Element has a stylish look. The Element also has a twist-and-go throttle along with five levels of pedal assist — PedalSense is Pedego’s trademark pedal-assist technology.

It doesn’t come with a lot of the premium features Pedego is known for, but it has everything you need. Like all Pedego e-bikes, this ride is fully customizable with everything from racks to fenders.

The Element is a study well-made bike backed by a 5-year industry-leading warranty. Pedego batteries are made with premium LG, Panasonic, or Samsung lithium-ion cells.


Lemond Dutch: Best for stylish city runs


Introducing the LeMond Dutch, the stylish city bike that combines practicality with carbon fiber innovation. Designed for daily life, the Dutch can take you anywhere, from city streets to hilly countryside.

Weighing only 27 pounds, including the motor and battery, the Dutch is remarkably lightweight and easily transportable. It offers a range of 40-70 miles, ensuring you can confidently ride it home even if you exceed the battery’s initial capacity.

With its integrated 250-watt rear hub motor and 11-speed Shimano GRX drivetrain, the Dutch provides powerful assistance, allowing speeds of up to 20 mph. This versatile bike effortlessly conquers any terrain you encounter.

The Dutch’s standout feature is its carbon fiber construction. The frame, fork, fenders, seat post, and monocoque handlebar/stem are made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber, making it one of the lightest and strongest frames available. This lightweight design enhances maneuverability and agility.


Safety is paramount, and the Dutch is equipped with an integrated headlight within the monocoque handlebar stem for improved visibility. Rear and side tail lights further enhance safety in traffic and group rides.

Controlling the Dutch is simple with its one-button operation. With a press of a button, you can activate the bike, turn on the front and rear lights, as well as accessing three levels of electric assist.

The LeMond Dutch combines practicality and carbon fiber innovation, offering a stylish and lightweight city riding experience. Rediscover the joy of riding with the LeMond Dutch.


Priority E-Coast: Best for beach cruising for miles


Introducing the e-Coast by Priority Bicycles, the groundbreaking beach cruiser that sets a new standard in cycling. This cutting-edge e-bike combines the allure of a traditional beach cruiser with the convenience of an electric bike. Built with a belt-driven system, the e-Coast eliminates the hassle of chain maintenance and rust issues commonly faced in beachside environments. Its rust-resistant frame ensures long-lasting durability even in salty coastal conditions.

Equipped with a 500-watt rear hub motor, the e-Coast offers an impressive 60-mile range (subject to various factors) and reaches a top speed of 28 mph. With a throttle and five-level pedal assist, riders have full control over their biking experience. The integrated, removable battery housed in the rear rack allows for easy charging and extended adventures.

Designed for ultimate comfort, the e-Coast features massive three-inch wide tires that effortlessly absorb any sandy or boardwalk terrain. To cater to beachside living, the bike includes convenient accessories such as a surfboard carrier.

The e-Coast embodies both luxury and reliability, making it the perfect choice for beach enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled cycling experience. Explore the beach in style and embrace the future of beach cruising with the e-Coast, available at


Urban Arrow: Best for ditching the second car


Introducing the Urban Arrow, the ultimate electric cargo bike designed for families seeking a convenient and eco-friendly transportation solution. Renowned alongside the R&M Load as the best electric cargo bike for families, the Urban Arrow Family offers unparalleled comfort and safety features. With padded seating, lower seat positions equipped with three-point seat belts, and a lightweight design, maneuvering the front loader becomes effortless.

The Bosch Cargo Line motor provides four levels of assist, effortlessly tackling hills and heavy loads. With a sturdy box for up to four passengers and a 550-pound capacity, this bike offers versatility and convenience.

The Urban Arrow’s light frame, electric pedal assistance, and stepless gear shifting provide a pleasant riding experience with agility and stability. Welcome the newest member of your family, the Urban Arrow, for effortless city commutes or leisurely trips. Join the Urban Arrow movement and embrace a greener way of transportation.


Electric Bike Company Model J: Best old-timey retro bike


Introducing the Model J, a moto-inspired e-bike that combines style with advanced technology. With brake lights, turn signals, and a high/low beam, it prioritizes safety. Enjoy a 50-mile range, 28 mph max speed, and a 10-year motor warranty.

It comes fully built and features two-piston hydraulic disc brakes, a user-friendly LCD display with USB charging, and an anti-theft alarm. The sturdy aluminum frame, puncture-resistant tires, and comfortable saddle ensure durability and comfort. With its moto-inspired design and cutting-edge features, the Model J is the perfect choice for riders seeking a stylish and high-performing e-bike.