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Five ways an e-bike can complement your mechanical bikes

Five ways an e-bike can complement your mechanical bikes

We’ve heard it before,

“I don’t need an e-bike, I can pedal just fine without any help.”


Even if you are training at the highest levels as a competitive cyclist, there are still ways adding an e-bike to your quiver can complement your training.


1. Recovery Ride

After a big century ride or a hard week of training, you know you need to let your body recover, but it is hard to take it easy when it’s a bluebird day and your friends are going for a ride. Instead of sacrificing the recovery time your body desperately needs, hop on your LeMond Dutch or Prolog and spin out your legs without accumulating additional stress on your body.


2. Commute With Ease

Save the stress on your body for when it really counts. If you have a big interval workout after work, or a long ride the next morning, you can still get the joy of bike commuting without sacrificing the quality of your workouts.


3. Course Scouting

Wish you could preview all of a race course before the big day, but don’t have the time in your training plan? Adding an e-bike to your quiver gives you the option to preview the course on 2-wheels, without the time or wear on your body that you would dedicate on your traditional bike.


4. Crew Transport

For the biggest of rides, no one goes it alone. Even Greg LeMond’s tour win included support from his team. With big events and road closures, crewing for a ride can be just as much work as racing. But with an e-bike for your crew to use, they can get from point to point on the course to give you a hand up without the hassle of traffic.


5. Find Joy Again

Training can become monotonous when you are logging your miles, hitting heart rate zones and suffering through intervals. When you find yourself dreading going out on your next training ride, take a step back and rediscover why you fell in love with cycling in the first place. Enjoy a neighborhood spin. Head to the local coffee shop. Riding your pink Dutch around town is the perfect mental reset to remember why you started riding.


With a name like LeMond, we know that even the most serious racer can still appreciate, use and enjoy an e-bike. Adding an e-bike to your stable will only enhance your performance on your traditional mechanical bike.