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Feel the energy.

LeMond’s ebikes can take you anywhere you want to go – far beyond the city to the hilly country if you like. Light enough to be lifted by anyone, whether upstairs, into the car, or onto a carrier.

Not the weight.

LeMond Bicycles, Inc

Integrated motor and 11-speed drivetrain

A 250 watt rear hub motor powers your LeMond ebike up to 20 mph while an 11-speed Shimano GRX drivetrain provides enough gearing to ride any terrain.

LeMond Bicycles, Inc

One button to control everything

Turn your LeMond ebike on with the press of a button, activating the front and rear lights as well as 3 levels of electric assist.

A monocoque structure using aerospace-grade carbon fiber. The lightest and strongest frames on the market.

Greg’s history in the carbon fiber and composite business, there was a clear answer – carbon fiber, which is 10x stronger than steel, light, and corrosion-proof.

LeMond Bicycles, Inc


Designed for daily life.

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LeMond Bicycles, Inc


Unparalled accessible versatility.

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LeMond Bicycles, Inc

Luxury Electric Bikes

Greg LeMond's half decade pursuit of style, technology, and innovation has birthed a beautiful, functional, and lightweight, masterpiece. LeMond eBikes are an amalgamation of couture design with the heart of a world-class athlete. Come experience a bike that will take you farther & faster and elevate your cycling game to a whole new level. Join the eBike revolution and discover the joy of effortless riding today!