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I Haven’t Ridden a Bike in Years – Can I Ride an e-bike?

I Haven’t Ridden a Bike in Years – Can I Ride an e-bike?

Has it been decades since you last rode a bike, but now you're tempted to get back on two wheels? Whether you want to regain your fitness, join your family on bike rides, or simply experience that childhood freedom again, riding an e-bike can be an excellent choice.

Don't worry if it feels intimidating; we're here to guide you through the process and make your return to cycling smooth and enjoyable.

Get a Helmet

Safety first! Follow these steps to ensure the right fit:

  • Position it evenly on your head, not more than two fingers above your eyebrows. If it's too high, try a larger helmet.
  • Adjust the mechanism at the back to snugly fit your head. When unbuckled, shake your head; the helmet shouldn't fall off. If it does, opt for a smaller size.
  • Buckle your helmet and adjust the straps to frame your ears in a V-shape. Make sure there's only enough slack in the chinstrap to fit two fingers underneath.


Choose comfortable attire that suits your style. You'll find all types of cyclists on the road, so wear what makes you feel good. For added comfort during rides, consider traditional road cycling shorts with a pad (chamois) or discreet options like a mountain bike liner short worn under your regular pants or shorts.


Our LeMond bikes come standard with flat pedals, so any athletic shoe will be good to ride with.


Your LeMond electric bike comes standard with comfortable grips, but if you prefer extra cushioning, biking gloves can provide a more comfortable grip.

Your First Ride

Set yourself up for success by choosing a comfortable riding area. An empty parking lot, a quiet street, or a bike path are excellent options for your first ride. Start small with a short ride to regain your confidence and stamina on the bike, then gradually progress to longer rides. 

Riding Tips

  • Gradually use the e-bike's assistance. LeMond bikes are lightweight and easy to pedal without assistance. So start with the assistance off and add more as you get rolling.
  • Control your speed by applying both brakes evenly and gradually. Don't be afraid of using the front brake, but remember to use both brakes together.
  • Look where you want to go; focus on the road ahead, not your front wheel. The bike will follow your gaze.


Rediscovering the joy of cycling with an e-bike is easier than you might think. Countless LeMond owners have fallen back in love with riding after years away from their bikes. Give it a try, and soon you'll be cruising along the roads, wondering why you didn't hop on sooner. Enjoy the freedom, fun, and adventure that cycling brings back into your life!