A lightweight carbon fiber electric bike with an integrated lighting system and more.

Standard Features

• 27 lb.

• Monocoque carbon fiber frame, fork, and bar/stem

• Carbon fiber components

• 250 watt Mahle X35+ rear hub motor and ebike system

• Integrated front and rear lights

• Token aluminum wheelset

Additional Options

LeMond offers upgrades an accessories shipped with your bike to improve your riding experience.

Upgrade shifting

Shimano’s 11-speed GRX groupset comes standard. For those needing a more perfomance oriented setup, we offer Shimano’s electronic GRX Di2.

LeMond Bicycles, Inc

Add a kickstand, Topeak MTX rack, bag, or basket to complete your Prolog.

LeMond Bicycles, Inc
Range extender

Add the Mahle X35+ range extender and increase your range by 70%. It fits snuggly in a custom bottle cage that mounts directly to the bike.

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The LeMond 8 Concept

We believe accepted wisdom isn’t always the wisest.

How things are traditionally done isn’t necessarily the way things should be done. So before we start anything, we always want the Why.
Why is it done this way?
Why is it made this way?
Why can’t we do things differently?
Why can’t we do things better?
We love asking these questions.

LeMond Bicycles, Inc
LeMond Bicycles, Inc
LeMond Bicycles, Inc

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Made in the USA

The LeMond 8 represents the culmination of years of carbon fiber research.

Greg LeMond was at the pinnacle of the sport as the first carbon fiber bicycles were introduced. He selected the models he rode based on their inherent design features. The benefits and flaws of every model were exposed by riding them in events like the Tour de France and documented. LeMond never stopped learning about carbon fiber and carbon bicycle frame construction. The LeMond R&D and Manufacturing Facility in Knoxville, TN is pushing the envelope of what is possible with carbon fiber. The LeMond 8 is born from experience and the desire to explore new possibilities. The LeMond 8 frame construction is entirely designed and made in the USA.

“My objective was to make the safest bicycle in the world. I think we might have achieved it."

Greg LeMond

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“My objective was to make the safest bicycle in the world. I think we might have achieved it."

Greg LeMond

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02 / Design

"Why" Innovate

Human performance and product development in cycling are inextricably intertwined.

Incremental improvement happens over periods spanning generations. Rare are moments when an improvement so profound occurs that the relationship between product and performance will never be the same again.

One such turning point happened when Greg LeMond won the 1989 Tour de France in a remarkable, come from behind victory on the final stage in Paris. That day, LeMond was the only rider to use a uniquely designed aero handlebar, transforming the shape of his body to dramatically decrease wind resistance. He won the three-week race by just eight seconds overall, the closest margin in history. From that day forward, bikes, riders and equipment were never the same. It was the first “8 second” moment.

The LeMond 8 is the most transformative change to carbon fiber frame construction since the introduction of carbon fiber frames over 30 years ago. The LeMond 8 advances carbon fiber construction and sets a new bar for top-tier frame design and manufacture. This is another “8 second” moment by LeMond forever altering the future of the bicycle.

An 11-speed Shimano drivetrain combined with a lightweight build allows the Prolog to ride well over any terrain. Shimano’s Di2 electronic shifting is also available as an upgrade.

Design Integrations


The LeMond 8 system has been optimized for slicing cleanly through the wind, with fully integrated cables and a slim front profile. Rather than having to choose between lightweight and aero, Greg’s goal has always been to optimize one bike for both climbing and riding at high speed without compromise. The LeMond 8 incorporates aerodynamic forms such as a KAMM tail downtube with rounded edges and a head tube narrower than most with internal cable routing.

“True Road Feel” Geometry

Each LeMond bicycle is designed for a consistent ride and feel quality throughout the line, no matter the size. Greg has optimized tube dimensions for each size frame, implemented size specific chainstay lengths, as well as adjusting headtube angles and fork offset to achieve similar trail on every size bike so every rider benefits from the same optimal setup.

Direct Mount Carbon Derailleur Hanger

The LeMond 8 comes with a replaceable direct mount carbon fiber derailleur hanger. Direct mount is simpler (replacing a superfluous link), stiffer (for crisper shifting), and makes rear wheel changes faster and easier.

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Modern Tire Clearance

The LeMond 8 has clearance for 32mm tires, opening up a wide range of tire possibilities. Three Vittoria Corsa models are available at purchase in 25mm, 28mm, and 30mm widths.

LeMond Bicycles, Inc

Innovative Seatpost Clamp

A unique sliding channel system safely secures the seatpost to the frame by spreading the clamping load over 66mm of post. Such a long engagement minimizes the possibility of post or frame damage that traditional clamps can cause.

Seat Post Accessories Channel - The seat post channel is designed to accept integrated LED lights, saddle bags, and other accessories, soon to come.

The technology that keeps you moving

No Metal Parts

The LeMond 8 is a 100% composite frame and fork, leveraging the latest in carbon fiber manufacturing techniques and expertise from around the world. Every detail from the core structure to each threaded water bottle and brake boss is carbon fiber -- lighter, stronger, while also preventing any possible Galvanic oxidation of the aluminum parts, making them prone to failure.

To address the long-standing issue of creaky, ill-fitting press fit bottom brackets, LeMond has gone the T47 route with an innovative twist. The LeMond 8 features a unique BB shell created with a carbon fiber lattice construction technique that locks in place the carbon fiber threaded sleeves. This ultra-strong web-like cylinder is co-cured into the frame for a unibody construction with immense lateral stiffness. All the benefits of a threaded BB without the weight penalty.

LeMond 8 MatrixCore™

The LeMond 8 MatrixCore blends composite sandwich construction methods from the aerospace industry using a new ultralightweight dual expanding foam made by Xenecore. The Xenecore dual expanding foam stays inside the frame and fork for superior carbon fiber ply consolidation. This foam replaces the need for plastic and pneumatic bladders, and has the added comfort benefit of dampening vibration that may otherwise drain a rider’s energy.

LeMond 8 optimizes the Xenecore foam by locally incorporating internal carbon fiber reinforced truss structures to increase strength, durability, and stiffness where desired. This combination of materials and engineering results in what we believe to be some of the strongest and safest frames in the world.

Internal Fiber Load Path Structure

LeMond’s composites expertise enables innovative frame engineering that advances the state of the frame building art.

For example, packing carbon fiber into sharp corners has always been problematic with traditional frame construction. Sharp corners mitigate carbon fiber’s strength as a continuous path structure, add weight, and complicate hand layup.

With LeMond’s ability to create internal structures along load paths that make sense, less overall fiber may be used, resulting in a lighter, stronger frame than is possible with traditional techniques.

The LeMond 8 fork is an example of engineering innovation that optimizes the benefits of composite strength and stiffness.

Integrated Monocoque Carbon Handlebar & Stem

Up front, the LeMond 8 features innovations in materials technology that advance the state of cycling art. By incorporating full-length structural ribs within the slim steerer tube, there’s no need for a heavy metal expanding wedge for support. There’s internal threads for the preload cap, and it may still be cut to desired length. There’s even features that align stem to fork perfectly every time. The result is a responsive ride with extra structural integrity that puts rider safety at the forefront.

Multiple Cockpit Options

Select from multiple sizes of our new integrated monocoque bar or choose our new LeMond carbon fiber standard stem, with a choice of standard LeMond carbon fiber handlebars. Multiple reach, width, and grip size dimensions are available, with a subtle 5-degree flare, fully integrated cables, spacers up to 30mm, and a computer mount that fits flush to the underside of the bar.

No matter what you choose, you will have every option at your fingertips. We will make sure everything fits.

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